Well Well Hell

2017-05-12 23:08:39 by Chat-man


Aight, allow me to once again spew the contents of my life onto this digital journal like some halfbrained "Diary of a WImpy Kid" fanboy. My life's been moving fast, especially the social aspect, so it was bothering me to see that same goshDAMN post from last month sit so long.

Most importantly, LOOK I MADE ART AGAINhttp://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/chat-man/super-monkey-baller-julian

Oh, also I'm legally an adult now. I can legally be in the army, smoke, sell alcohol but no consume it, and be charged as a pedophile. Truly a magical age to exist at.

A lot's been going on over the past month, with my birthday, prom, 4 AP classes I survived, losing friends but getting closer with ones I have, and mmmmm that new Gorillaz album tho. Basically I been busy as fuck but now my schedule cleared up, especially with no more APs in my way. Especially AP Art jesus christ I was up until like 5am painting pretty pictures and sculpting out clay peepees for that class. Guess I'm ready 4 college now!!!

With all this free time I plan on getting more digital stuff done, so hopefully y'all will see more from me very soon. And who knows, maybe I'll upgrade this blog from toilet paper for my personal life into something better. Maybe the headquarters for the Jimmy Neutron hentai fanclub?? Anything's better than this.

Anywho, expect to see me back real soon, fellas!! I got plenty more arts in store for your precious lil retinas to beat off to<333


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